Feb 2020 Marks a New Consolidated Cisco CCNA!


CCNAWell, we have our answer as to why all those Cisco Certifications had been allowed to become so stale! There is a new consolidated CCNA coming that will replace many other CCNA exams such as Security and Wireless.

The CCNA 200-301 exam will be available in February 2020. What will be on this new (big!) certification exam? Download the complete list of topics and domains below:


So what does the new lineup of certifications looks like from Cisco? Here it is. NOTE: The links do not function in this JPEG – to see the page that I sourced this from – check here and scroll down.

Cisco CertsThis is certainly an exciting time! Remember, if you are in progress with the “old” certs – DO NOT let this distract you. Keep on your path. If you are ready to start studying the new material – you can bet that CBT Nuggets will have you covered.

2 thoughts on “Feb 2020 Marks a New Consolidated Cisco CCNA!

  1. Thanks, i’m kind of lost on all this now, was studying for my CCIE but was going to be ready technically in April 2020. What i don’t understand is that they say that my CCNP will become the CCNP Enterprise and then i can go for the CCIE Enterprise Infra Lab directly ?

    To be honest, i think i have to redo the New CCNP Enterprise to grab all new technologies before going for the new CCIE because there is so much new topics.

    I would love to have you opinion on that subject please.

    Patrick D

    1. Yes – I have not dug deep yet past the Associate level changes, but from what I gather, you are absolutely correct. You will want to most likely do that CCNP Entperise as it will give you the knowledge for the “new” CCIE track.

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