Common Cloud Characteristics

Enjoy this complimentary CBT Nugget on the 5 common characteristics of cloud technology. This is from section 1 of my CCNA Cloud – Cloud Fundamentals course at CBT Nuggets.

4 thoughts on “Common Cloud Characteristics

  1. AWS uses non-branded commodity hardware, not Cisco. I bet there is Cisco present, but it’s not UCS for example providing the compute layer.

    1. Yeah – thanks for the feedback. I figured there would be Cisco in there somewhere. What did you think of the Nugget?

  2. The nugget is awesome, cant wait for the complete series to come out on CBTnuggets.

    Great videos as always.

    Do you think Cisco will make a big impact with the following ccna/ccnp – Cloud arena.

    1. Hi Stewart – yes I really think so, especially when you factor in the success of their UCS initiatives.

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