Cisco IOS XE Processes


The Cisco IOS XE code ensures that as much as possible is modular in the device architecture. As such, note that many separate processes are responsible for a host of functions on the Cisco device. Here is a handy list of common individual processes and their function!

  • Chassis Manager – Responsible for all chassis management functions, including management of the HA state, environmental monitoring, and FRU state control
  • Host Manager – Provides an interface between the IOS process and many of the information-gathering functions of the underlying platform kernel and operating system
  • Logger – IOS facing logging services
  • Interface Manager – Provides an interface between the IOS process and the per-SPA interface processes on the SIP
  • IOS – Implements all forwarding and routing features on the device
  • Forwarding Manager – Manages the downloading of configuration to each of the ESPs and the communication of forwarding plane information, such as statistics, to the IOS process
  • Pluggable Services – The integration point between platform policy application, such as authentication and the IOS process

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