CCNA Data Center DCICT (200-155) CBT Nuggets Outline


By popular demand – here is the rough outline of the exciting new CCNA Data Center course I am working on at CBT Nuggets!

  1. Introduction: The CCNA Data Center
  2. Introduction: Getting Your Hands on Equipment
  3. Network Virtualization: Module Introduction
  4. Network Virtualization: Functional Planes
  5. Network Virtualization: Default and Management VRFs
  6. Network Virtualization: OTV
  7. Network Virtualization: NVGRE
  8. Network Virtualization: VXLAN
  9. Network Virtualization: Troubleshooting VDC STP
  10. Networking Technologies: Module Introduction
  11. Networking Technologies: Configuring FEX
  12. Networking Technologies: Configuring vPC
  13. Networking Technologies: Configuring FabricPath
  14. Networking Technologies: Configuring Unified Switch Ports
  15. Networking Technologies: Benefits of the Unified Fabric
  16. Networking Technologies: RBAC
  17. Unified Computing: Module Introduction
  18. Unified Computing: Server Types
  19. Unified Computing: Connectivity
  20. Unified Computing: Cisco UCS
  21. Unified Computing: Hardware Abstraction
  22. Unified Computing: Configuring High Availability
  23. Unified Computing: Configuring Port Roles
  24. Unified Computing: Configuring Hardware Discovery
  25. Unified Computing: Hypervisors
  26. Unified Computing: Virtual Switches
  27. Unified Computing: Shared Storage
  28. Unified Computing: VM Components
  29. Unified Computing: Virtual Machine Manager
  30. Automation and Orchestration: Module Introduction
  31. Automation and Orchestration: Using APIs
  32. Automation and Orchestration: Cloud Computing
  33. Automation and Orchestration: UCS Director
  34. Automation and Orchestration: Troubleshooting a UCS Director Workflow
  35. Application Centric Infrastructure: Module Introduction
  36. Application Centric Infrastructure: The ACI Environment
  37. Application Centric Infrastructure: ACI Fabric Discovery
  38. Application Centric Infrastructure: The ACI Deployment Model
  39. Application Centric Infrastructure: The ACI Logical Model

10 thoughts on “CCNA Data Center DCICT (200-155) CBT Nuggets Outline

    1. I will post here at the blog as soon as we have some estimated dates! Jeremy and I will be doing both simultaneously – so that will help!

    1. I am starting next week – Jeremy is also starting next week on the first required course/exam. I will post more release info once we get rolling!

  1. What is a good companion book for this series? The Cisco Press reviews for the CCNA Data Center on are rather brutal.

  2. Hi Anthony Im going to start this career path and I’m waiting until this course is released, do you have any estimation time when will happen.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Jeremy Cioara and I are creating each of the two required courses simultaneously. It looks like we will both finish around the end of the month (July 2018)!

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