VIRL Hits the Cloud and CBT Launches New VIRL Course!

February 19, 2016 at 2:55 pm

A New VIRL Version and New VIRL Training!

Big announcements in everything VIRL. First of all, it has been long overdue that I refresh the VIRL training at CBT Nuggets. I started that course 2 days after the original VIRL launched! The product has come forward since then by leaps and bounds. In fact, at their original launch,  there was no Layer 2 IOS switching in the product!

VIRL Training

To respond head on – I am currently completing Nuggets on Cisco Virtual Internet Routing Labs (VIRL) 1.X for CBT Nuggets! As always, subscribers can view these Nuggets are they are approved by our review teams right in their site and apps.

VIRL in the Cloud!

It is also great timing for a new course as Cisco is thrilled to announce that they finally have a version running in the cloud. The cloud host is Packet. You just need a VIRL license, an account at Packet, and you are off and running as far as requirements go.

Yes, yes, I will have at least one Nugget about all of this in the new course! 🙂

For more information right now on VIRL in the cloud – visit this link.

VIRL Turns 1 for Thanksgiving 2015

December 9, 2015 at 1:28 pm

Much to the dismay of my wife, my VIRL version 1.0.0 download link arrived today. I am going to take a little time out from the family today and run through the install – documenting things here for my faithful readers.

First, note that this install must be done from scratch. No more “in place upgrade” with this major new version.

Just like with previous versions, the installation instructions include a ton of verifications and modifications that can be skipped if you are wanting to complete as quickly as possible, and you are not connecting your VIRL simulation to live gear.

It is basically this:

  • Download the new OVA
  • Import the OVA into your VMware software (this takes a while)
  • Adjust the amount of CPUs and cores based on your host machine
  • Start VIRL
  • Get the IP address and connect using a browser
  • Stick in your license
  • Download and install VM Maestro.

It follows this older version video well…

The new VIRL is packed with improvements, both in functionality of the images as well as much needed improvements in the GUI. Enjoy!

Cisco VIRL Raises the Node Limit

October 27, 2015 at 10:27 pm

The VIRL team must be sick of all the emails begging them to raise the limits on nodes in the platform. The limit was set at 15 devices (not counting some devices like the unmanaged switch). Keep in mind that for many, a practical limit is set by the amount of RAM or CPU they possess on their host PC.

So if you are a licensed VIRL Personal Edition customer like me – on November 1, 2015, you get your limit raised from 15 nodes to 20 nodes free of charge.

If you want 30 nodes in your VIRL, this is a new product. Existing customers will get an upgrade price, holdouts will have a separate purchase price. 🙂

I have not gotten word on these costs yet.

If any of this information upsets – please don’t shoot the messenger. 🙂 Let me know what you think in the comments below! 0vZK6nnG_400x400