VIRL PE 1.5.145 / March 2018 release – Available Now


It is finally here – the latest VIRL. In addition to new images and bug fixes – the big deal with this release is a MUCH improved installation process.

It is a lot like EVE-NG now. 🙂

Here are the details you need:

6 thoughts on “VIRL PE 1.5.145 / March 2018 release – Available Now

    1. Wow – very strange! It looks like they might have yanked the new version temporarily out of distro! I will hunt around for info!

    1. There is no trial download for VIRL, unfortunately. You can try it for free at DevNet from what I have heard. Just really make sure you are aware of the hardware requirements before you purchase, however. For example, on Windows, anything less than 16 GB of RAM is NOT FUN.

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