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Power Google Search Usage – Part 2

Ready for more power Google tips? Here they are:

6. Local Searching – looking for something nearby? Try – “NY Style Pizza” 01505 – or, if for some reason you do not know where you are – hit Search Tools after your search and use the area options – including the ability to auto-detect your area.

7. Better Images – use the Search Tools options at and do all kinds of cool things like select the type of image you need and even find royalty-free stuff.

8. Better Images – Part 2 – search for something general like cliff, and the images results will give you more specific suggestions at the top of the screen.

9. Web History – want to improve the accuracy of Google auto-recommendations for you, and also get a nice detailed history of your searching – check out – are you freaked out about Internet privacy – don’t go near this feature. 🙂

10. Time Sensitive? – Use the Search Tools option in order to refine the time range of what you are looking for. I love this feature combined with – especially when I am checking for NFL injury information.

11. Site Down? – web site down you desperately need to get to? Try in your search in order to pull up a cached copy.

12. File Types – want a specific type of file about a subject? No problem – for example – filetype:pdf “EIGRP Named Mode”

13. Let Google Help – Google will suggest related searches at the bottom of the page that just might help you narrow things down for what you need.


More great tips on the way in the next post…

Power Google Search Usage – Part 1

My oh my do I owe Google so much for all of the great research over the years. To start this new year off right – here are some power tips (part 1) for using this free tool.

1. Boolean Operators – use +, -, * – or my favorite – “” when searching for something exact – for example:  “EIGRP Named Mode”

2. Site Specific – for example – “EIGRP Named Mode”

3. Definitions – for example – define:truffle

4. Calculator – just type your desired calculation in the search box – for example, .2*56.49 for a proper tip calculation

5. Quick Answers – Remember Ask Jeeves? The idea was you type out your question…well, Google is all over that – for example, try When did the Cubs last win the World Series?

I hope you enjoyed these tips – lots more on the way for you!


Music to Learn By!

One of the penalties of learning so much IT all of the time is that I lose track of what is going on in the modern music scene a bit. I thought I would share the list of Rolling Stone’s Albums of the Year for 2014. Checking these out last year (thanks Spotify) was a real treat. I hope for the same this year.

1. U2 – Songs of Innocence (Whether you wanted the album or not. :-))


2. Bruce Springstein – High Hopes

3. The Black Keys – Turn Blue

4. St.Vincent – St. Vincent

5. Miranda Lambert – Platinum

6. Charli XCX – Sucker

7. Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence

8. Run the Jewels – Run the Jewels 2

9. Mac DeMarco – Salad Days

10. Taylor Swift – 1989

11. Flying Lotus – You’re Dead

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