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Put Me in Coach – I’m Ready to Learn!

If this headline did not put a song in your head – take a break from your work or studies and enjoy this classic tune:

I know I am excited and ready to learn after my first CBT Nuggets coaching session! Wow! So my killer coach Karin Klinger called me right on time yesterday per our scheduled appointment. Our conversation quickly turned to what I really need to learn here at CBT Nuggets and how quickly I would like to do it.

Karin really helped me identify a realistic weekly plan, something that I was struggling with. I mean, I really don’t know how much is too much when it comes to watching videos and really retaining the information. I plan on watching the Server 2012 R2 videos and labbing up what I see, and that really could take some time. And how much of that time do I really have per week.

Karin also made it clear that she will be watching me! That’s right – she can see my progress. How long it takes me to watch a full Nugget, how many of them I have watched, etc. While at first this made me a little uneasy, by the end of the call, I could not wait to log in and start showing her some progress. Accountability – indeed!

Karin also pointed me in the direction of killer resources that I will use as I go through my Server 2012 R2 journey.

Finally, Karin and I agreed on a schedule of when we will be touching base with each other – that is two weeks from now initially, but perhaps might transition to once per month if I can demonstrate I am not going to mess this whole thing up!

For me – accountability coaching is an immediate success, making a profound impact on my priorities and learning. In fact, I am going to stop writing now, because I am off to the Installing Servers Nugget of Server 2012 R2. James Conrad…take it away buddy!

Thanks again Karin, cannot wait for our next call…

I Have a Coach at CBT Nuggets!


I am so excited to start the Accountability Coaching program at CBT Nuggets. I really need to update my MCSE skills in the Windows Server department, and I just keep dragging my feet on it.

I might not train on these products in the future, but I sure use them everyday as I choose to run VMs and Cisco’s VIRL against these server platforms.

From what I have heard about Coaching at CBT Nuggets, it will be a great way for me to ensure I am staying on track with this endeavor. I will be sure to post here about my experiences in the program. In fact – step 1 has already happened and was painless. I was assigned a coach – Karin – and I visited her CBT Nuggets page in order to schedule my first coaching call. I was thrilled to see she had several time slots available tomorrow since I really need to start this journey right away.

Here is a video on the coaching program that I watched that got me excited about this:

How Well are You REALLY Listening?

More times than I want to admit it – I don’t listen to others all that well. Hey – after all – I am paid to TALK – not always to listen.

In the 7 Habits of Kick Ass people (I think the actual title might be Highly Effective People or something like that) – we learn there are different levels of listening. I am really going to work on empathic listening from now!

  • Ignoring – here we are not listening at all – it was I do when I hear a Kayne West song 😉
  • Pretending – I am guilty of this with my wife sometimes
  • Selective listening – we are only hearing what we want to really
  • Attentive listening (active) – we are paying attention and focusing energy on the process
  • Empathic listening  – the highest level we can achieve!