Anthony’s IT Certification Tips – 7 of 10 – If It is Broken – Fix It!

Sometimes in certification, you can encounter a resource that is just not working for you. Perhaps it is an instructor that just really rubs you the wrong way, perhaps it is a book that reads like a dishwasher repair manual, perhaps it is a simulator that is so buggy it does not feel like the actual device at all. These problematic resources might cause you to lose your passion for studying the topic and could potentially derail your goal achievement. Remember, if this happens, or is starting to happen – do something about it!



One post that you see many times in Certification Support forums is something along the lines of  – “Is there another way to practice XYZ technology other than using this product?” I love these posts. It demonstrates the student is not having the best time with a particular training resource and they are ready to ask their peers for another.

Do not settle for anything but the very best resources that work for you as you look to take your career to that next level.

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