Anthony’s IT Certification Tips – 5 of 10 – Ask Questions

“The only stupid question is the one you do not ask!” I am not really sure who originally said this, but it sure is true. You do not just want to learn to the basic level – if you really want to succeed in the world of IT you have to dig deeper. Asking questions incessantly can be a big part of this process.


But wait! You are addicted to CBT Nuggets and I do not blame you for that, but the instructor is not there live in front of you…how will you get all of those questions answered? Did you realize we have added a Comments tab to each course in our offering??? This is a wonderful place to post a question about the course content. Chances are one of your peers will have an answer and respond. As one of the instructors at CBT Nuggets, I love to hang out there and answer questions. I also answer every single question here at the blog. Is Cisco your thing? Check out the Cisco Learning Network. Notice the top two responders there are Keith Barker and Scott Morris of CBT Nuggets.

Dig deeper, ask those questions. Perhaps we should change our motto to Watch, Learn, Ask, Conquer. OK – that does not sound nearly as good.

Thank you for reading. Remember to study with passion.

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