400-101 CCIE R&S Written – Free Resources – Network Implementation


Time for another section of our blueprint! This one is boring 😉 Just kidding of course!

1.2 Network implementation and operation

1.2.a Evaluate proposed changes to a network
1.2.a [i] Changes to routing protocol parameters
1.2.a [ii] Migrate parts of a network to IPv6
1.2.a [iii] Routing protocol migration
1.2.a [iv] Adding multicast support
1.2.a [v] Migrate spanning tree protocol
1.2.a [vi] Evaluate impact of new traffic on existing QoS design

Performance Management Best Practices

Enterprise WAN IPv6 Migration Guide

Service Level Management Best Practice

Bandwidth Estimation Configuration Guide

Recommended Books:

IPv6 Address Planning

IPv6 for Enterprise Networks

IPv6: Theory, Protocol, and Practice

Routing TCP/IP Vol II – Multicast Chapters

One thought on “400-101 CCIE R&S Written – Free Resources – Network Implementation

  1. I have a question about the IPv6 for Enterprise Networks book. Does that include the now deprecated site-local address? I know there were some changes to IPv6 and some of the older Cisco books might have outdated information. Here is the link for IPv6 Fundamentals from Cisco Press. This edition was released in 2017.


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