When is the CCIE – X Changing?!?!

Here is a question I still get very frequently – “Anthony – have you heard anything about the CCIE R&S changing soon???” In fact, you can insert any of the CCIE tracks where you see R&S in the question. 🙂


This post is a reminder of the golden rule that Cisco follows with their CCIE Lab Exams…when they OFFICIALLY announce a change in the CCIE Lab Exam Blueprint for any track, there is a six month counter that starts upon the official announcement. That is right! What a great safeguard in your preparation. Now you know that even if they announce a change, you are guaranteed six months from that announcement before the change actually takes effect.

Notice how I highlighted the word officially. Many times, there will be speculative posts, and even preliminary posts by Cisco themselves. So how do you know what is the official announcement? It will be posted on the CCIE News section of Cisco.com.

For some students this would not be nearly enough time to be prepared if they just started their studies, but for others that are deep in their prep – this is an excellent safeguard.

Happy studies and I would love to see your comments or answer any of your questions here.

9 thoughts on “When is the CCIE – X Changing?!?!

  1. Hello Anthony,

    Thanks for the post, but do you have any expected date when they will announce and any rough guess what they will include or exclude from the blue print v 4.0 or any change in the device list any IOS-XR inclusion in the blue print ???

    1. No one really knows except those that are Cisco employees – or those that are hired by Cisco to help with the new exam. For example, Scott Morris was hired by Cisco to help with the move to CCIE Security 4.0. I am one of Scott’s best friends and he would NOT say a word to me about the changes.

      The only thing you can believe is what Cisco states and hints about. These hints typically come at Cisco Live.

      My guess about the CCIE R&S – I would think that Cisco Live in June might be when they announce a change. I think the biggest change will be a removal of Frame Relay.

      1. One more thing – as far as changes in the device list go – you can be guaranteed they will get rid of End of Sale devices! 🙂

  2. Hi Anthony,

    Thanks allot for the update information.

    It will be so disappointed to hear that Cisco will ( or even might) change the exam blue print for CCIE R&S once again, we had almost 30 to 40 percent changes in the transitioning from CCIE security v3 to CCIE security v4! and really that was allot.

    Now since the CCIE R&S might change or will surely change, we just hope that Cisco does not include many totally new technologies!

    It will take along time if Cisco added many networking technologies to the new CCIE R&S v5 and candidates are the real victims for this changes, students should show their skills on how to keep updating themselves ASAP to to the new version otherwise their the “obsolete statues” are closer to them!

    Good luck to all.


    Isa Alqary

    1. The good news is that with R&S – there is far less they could add. It will always be a core routing and switching adventure. Unlike technologies like Security and Wireless that tend to change more rapidly.

  3. For those of us on the preparation to take the r&s lab exam, if the near guess to announce officially is june and if there is a six month period before it’s expired , we have almost 9 months to go to get it done. right?, i hope we are in a safe zone. if there is any new updates/information pls let me know on this regard.

    1. That is correct! If the offical announcement of a change in any of the CCIE tracks were to come at Cisco Live in June, you would have 6 months following that before the change actually is implemented. Keep in mind there is a rush on seats at that point – the scheduling gets tougher and tougher as the exam expires.

  4. Hi Anthony,

    Would it be wise to buy a CCIE LAB with the upcoming changes? In other words, will there be a massive change in the lab?


    1. I think so – after all – when they announce – you still have the six months. And keep in mind that you should still be able to use much of the equipment even if they make some pretty dramatic changes. Just make sure the routers and switches can run 15.x code since that change is definitely coming.

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