VIRL Turns 1 for Thanksgiving 2015

Much to the dismay of my wife, my VIRL version 1.0.0 download link arrived today. I am going to take a little time out from the family today and run through the install – documenting things here for my faithful readers.

First, note that this install must be done from scratch. No more “in place upgrade” with this major new version.

Just like with previous versions, the installation instructions include a ton of verifications and modifications that can be skipped if you are wanting to complete as quickly as possible, and you are not connecting your VIRL simulation to live gear.

It is basically this:

  • Download the new OVA
  • Import the OVA into your VMware software (this takes a while)
  • Adjust the amount of CPUs and cores based on your host machine
  • Start VIRL
  • Get the IP address and connect using a browser
  • Stick in your license
  • Download and install VM Maestro.

It follows this older version video well…

The new VIRL is packed with improvements, both in functionality of the images as well as much needed improvements in the GUI. Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “VIRL Turns 1 for Thanksgiving 2015

  1. Hi Anthony,

    I think this latest update is great. The product is definitely looking more polished with each iteration.

    I found the “from scratch” install easy and without error, the VIRL team are working hard to make this bit of kit indispensable. It’s not there yet but it’s light years away from where it was a year ago. I can already see me re-subscribing come February.

    Have fun !


  2. I have 12gb ram on my machine but virl won’t accept no more than 8192mb and 6vcpu. Any ideas? I’ve encountered an error when launching simulations. ‘Launch aborted as the ram requirement for the simulation (3600mb) exceeds total virtual memory on the host machine available for simulations (2827mb).’
    This was experienced with only 7 nodes all iosV.

      1. I downloaded VIRL last night, and was able to assign it 10GB of RAM. However, I try and bump it up to 16GB and errors are thrown. I can say the 8GB is not enough, and I noticed the disk writes have gone up exponentially in the openstack.

        BTW – Thank you for the update video on installation it helped a lot.

  3. Two gotchas I encountered on this “upgrade” (read: install from scratch) were 1) VMMaestro had the wrong IP address for Web Services, and 2) VMMaestro blew out all of my custom console settings. In case anyone would benefit, here’s a summary for SecureCRT:
    Terminal Settings
    Title Format: %s

    C:\Program Files\VanDyke Software\SecureCRT\SecureCRT.exe
    /N %t /T /TELNET %h %p

    C:\Program Files\VanDyke Software\SecureCRT\SecureCRT.exe
    /N %t /T /SSH %h %p

  4. Help!!! I’ve started the road to CCIE and it is changing again?? Version 5.1 Evolving Technologies section. I don’t have any books videos nothing on the subject…what do I do?

    1. Don’t panic. This is a written only area. I will be producing videos here for each one of the topics. Stay tuned to this blog…

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