The Updated CCNA Data Center Coming to CBT Nuggets

CCNA Data Center

One of my most popular courses at CBT Nuggets has always been the CCNA Data Center (no surprise).

I am thrilled to announce that we will be releasing the updated version – brought to you by none other than Jeremy Cioara and myself!

Get ready for an amazing ride through both required courses:

200-150 DCICN
Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking (DCICN)

1.0 Data Center Physical Infrastructure
2.0 Basic Data Center Networking Concepts
3.0 Advanced Data Center Networking Concepts
4.0 Basic Data Center Storage
5.0 Advanced Data Center Storage

200-155 DCICT
Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking Technologies (DCICT)

1.0 Unified Computing
2.0 Network Virtualization
3.0 Cisco Data Center Networking Technologies
4.0 Automation and Orchestration
5.0 Application Centric Infrastructure


8 thoughts on “The Updated CCNA Data Center Coming to CBT Nuggets

    1. I will keep you posted here. Jeremy is doing the first course concurrently with me doing the second course – so they will be done quick!

  1. Hello Anthony, i plan to subscribe for the 200-155 videos and will like to choose the monthly plan. Does this in anyway have a minimum amount of months i am obliged to be subscribed for or can i just subscribe for only the months i need (e.g 2 months)

      1. Thanks for your response. I have subscribed and i have to say your explanations are really clear and easy to understand. Anyway, i will please like to know when the first part (200-150 DCICN v6.0) which you stated above will be taken by Jeremy, will be released. Thank you once again for your response

      2. Hi Anthony,
        I recently subscribed to your data center 200-155 course and i must say it is very clear and easy to follow. Thanks for that. I will please like to know when or if the preceeding 200-150 course will be available on cbt nuggets.

        1. It will be soon – Jeremy is recording the last section of it now (FC topos and stuff). I would guess mid-October for release.

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