The Journey Begins (Again!)

Hello everyone! I have officially restarted my journey to CCIE Security. This time focusing on Version 4 of the exam of course.


If you would like to follow my journey and study along with me – please do! All of these posts will be located in the CCIE Security – My Journey to Version 4 section.

Here is how I am starting. Note that I am taking the official checklist from Cisco and re-ordering it and making it make more sense.

Perimeter Security and Services

  • Basic Config – Interfaces
  • Static Routes
  • Basic Interface ACLs
  • Time Based ACLs
  • Object Groups – Nested Also

Tomorrow I will detail the examples I ran through and materials I used to study these topics!

4 thoughts on “The Journey Begins (Again!)

  1. Hi Anthony,

    Good luck on your journey. I too am planning on heading down this path. I’m way off though.

    I’m currently studying for my CCNP Security and have a couple of questions. How did you prepare for each exam and how long did it take you to pass them, on average? Did you only read the study guides once then practice on gear? Did you read one chapter at a time and practice after each chapter before moving onto the next chapter? Do you take notes after each chapter and also while labbing?

    These questions might sound pretty basic, but given that I’m at the very beginning of my journey, I’d prefer to get down an effective study method that I can continue once I start the CCIE Security preparations.



    1. Hi Jason!

      I mastered each CCNP Security topic in about 30 days for each. I did one chapter at a time – took notes and made electronic Flash Cards with and then practiced that chapter on the gear.

      Congrats on the start of your journey – this is very exciting!!!

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