The Great Chromebook Experiment – Part 1


So I would love a new Macbook Air – who wouldn’t??? My main motivation would be battery life. But alas, I have a first world problem. I already own a powerhouse Macbook Pro system. The battery life depresses me on that tricked-out retina display system, but I just cannot bring myself to sell it and “step down” to the Air.

So I was poking around a local Best Buy and was reminded of Chromebooks thanks to a display unit. Hmmm, this would scratch my itch for a 9 hour battery life laptop device. Yes, yes, I know – they are strange Internet-only devices, but at $299 from, I decided I had to give it a try.

EDITOR’S NOTE: There are cheaper Chrombooks – I went with the highly rated and pricier Samsung Chromebook 2 model with twice the RAM of typical Chromebooks. Typical seems to be 2 GB. There is no way I am trusting a system with only 2 GB of RAM. 🙂

In this series of posts, I will be detailing my results with this grand experiment. I, like you I am sure, am hoping for the best. My unit just arrived (depicted above) and tomorrow’s post will feature what the hell happens when I turn it on. 🙂


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