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GNS3 – Its Not Just For Routers Anymore

I have never been that big a fan of GNS3/Dynamips. I mean, I will use it in a pinch, like flying across the country and writing an article that requires I have access to the CLI, but that is about it.

Now – that is going to change a bit. With the GNS3/PEMU platform able to emulate the Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) from Cisco Systems, I can use it for a huge chunk of my CCIE Security Version 4 lab prep.

In order to quickly get up to speed with the latest version of these technologies, I turned to the Keith Barker created series at CBTNugget.com. Yes, that’s right, he did an entire series on getting the most out of GNS3. I did not watch the entire thing – just enough to get my ASAs up and running for practice.

Since my Hands On Practice will begin with the ASAs, I will be using this emulator platform for initial preparation. Of course I will detail exactly what I am doing here at the blog!

The Journey Begins (Again!)

Hello everyone! I have officially restarted my journey to CCIE Security. This time focusing on Version 4 of the exam of course.


If you would like to follow my journey and study along with me – please do! All of these posts will be located in the CCIE Security – My Journey to Version 4 section.

Here is how I am starting. Note that I am taking the official checklist from Cisco and re-ordering it and making it make more sense.

Perimeter Security and Services

  • Basic Config – Interfaces
  • Static Routes
  • Basic Interface ACLs
  • Time Based ACLs
  • Object Groups – Nested Also

Tomorrow I will detail the examples I ran through and materials I used to study these topics!