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Take This Year’s AWS Salary Survey!

Here is your chance to participate in the report for AWS professionals, by AWS professionals. Packed with over 40 pages of insights, stats, and commentary, the Jefferson Frank Salary Survey is the ultimate guide for anyone working with Amazon Web Services products.

If you’re an employer or hiring manager, use the report to benchmark your team’s salaries and set budgets for the next financial year. If you’re a professional working in the AWS environment, we’ll tell you how much you should be earning, what certifications and technical skills you need to succeed, and much more. Click here to download last year’s survey.

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aws salary survey

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The Top Paying United States Companies

progress_trackingglassdoor.com just conducted a study of the companies in the S and P 500 to see which were the highest paying. Here is that list. Another indicator of the power of Information Technology right now in the US and abroad!

Company                 Median Pay

  1. Juniper                $134,721
  2. Netflix                  $132,220
  3. Equinix                $125,000
  4. Altera                   $122,814
  5. Visa                      $122,520
  6. Yahoo                  $121,200
  7. Xilinx                  $121,202
  8. VeriSign              $118,998
  9. Microsoft            $118,040
  10. Broadcom           $118,000
  11. F5 Networks       $117,620
  12. Adobe Systems   $117,415
  13. eBay                      $115,068