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More Windows 10 Info Revealed!


HoloOn Jan 21, 2015, Microsoft held a big event to get people excited about Windows 10. Here are some of the bigger announcements from that event. Enjoy!

  • Someone asked me on Twitter about if they would receive Windows 10 for free since Windows 8 was such a disaster in GUI ways. I said – no chance. Well – I was dead wrong. In a surprise – Microsoft announced that Windows 8 and 8.1 peeps will have one year in which to upgrade for free. There is some fine print exceptions, but it should not effect most retail style consumers.
  • Cortana – the MS version of Siri will be integrated into the desktop.
  • IE will be replaced with a new browser code named Spartan.
  • MS is releasing Windows Holographic with Windows 10. You wear wireless Goggles and see your desktop apps as a hologram. It is pictured above.
  • There is a giant TV-size version of surface now called Surface Hub. Perfect for a conference room.
  • Windows 10 will be ported to phones and tablets.
  • Office will be included for free in various versions of Windows 10.
  • Gaming will get improvements like video capture and Xbox One streaming.
  • Continuum enables a smart detection of what device you are using so the desktop and Metro interfaces will finally intelligently switch.