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CBT Nuggets JN0-102 Initial Outline

truckHere it is for those of your that are interested! It is my initial outline for this important course. This outline would only grow as I get deep into the material. So this initial outline represents the bare minimum of Nuggets that will be produced.

I hope to “see you” in class!

  • Intro to JN0-102
  • OSI and Things That Use It
  • Ethernet and Optical Networks
  • Layer 2 and Layer 2.5 Addressing
  • IPv4
  • IPv4 Subnetting and Supernetting
  • IPv6
  • Device Portfolio
  • Juniper Architectures
  • CLI Basics
  • Managing Configurations
  • J-Web
  • Configuration Basics
  • Monitoring
  • Maintenance
  • Routing
  • Routing Policy and Firewall Filters
  • Quality of Service

I know, I know, you are super interested in many of these topics. Cool. Just watch, learn, and conquer.