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Things I Learned Training for a Half Marathon

Training Over
Finish line a few feet ahead!

“The Best Part Was the Training”

Talk to marathon and half marathon runners and you will often here this phrase. Yes, that’s right – they LOVED training for it. The event itself, well, that might be kind of exciting and incredible as well, but it might not matter as much since you train for months and months and you LOVE doing that. And I suppose that is the first lesson isn’t it. We need to make sure we love the training process. If you are not loving the training, then figure out exactly why you are not and get ready to fix that. I hope these other tips I picked up and learned along the way will help you as well. And of course this goes for whatever goal you are trying to achieve.

Track Your Training

This is one you have probably heard me talk about before. With my classes at CBT Nuggets, I even include trackers for the students to use as they move through the course.  For me, tracking became an obsession, and this obsession proved very motivating. Also, in the specific area of distance running it was very necessary since I had to find the perfect pace at which I would have a chance to complete the actual race.

Find a Training Buddy

I would not have succeeded in this endeavor without a training buddy. Someone to push me, hold me accountable, discuss ideas with, etc. By the way, that is my training buddy pictured above! When we started, I was better at running and really enjoyed it much more than her. As you can see from that finish line shot, that all changed!

Add Fun!

When I would run with my buddy, we would chat. And you know me, I love to chat. When running by myself I would add music. I am so busy, there is often never time to check out some latest album. These solo runs, which I might have really disliked, became fun with music added.

Join a Community

OK, I never joined a runner’s community, but I lurked at a bunch of them. Getting questions answered that were crucial for my success.

Don’t Let Jerks Get You Down

If you are into social media, or in a community of people online, you are going to run into jerks and trolls, it just happens. When people are hiding behind a keyboard, they can become pretty callous and mean. To add a problem, many times someone will sound like a jerk when they are actually not trying to act like that. During my training, someone posted on Twitter in response to one of my training posts that included statistics on a run – “You know you are not running right? You are jogging!” While I thought about getting angry about this, I just blew it off.

Get Excited for the Next Goal!

While there was some amount of “thank God that is over!”, after the race I became very excited about the future and more health goals. This thing had kicked weight loss into overdrive. I lost 14 pounds over the course of training and the race. Not bad. Now I can really up fitness goals of the future…

Thanks for reading, and remember, LOVE your training!

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How I Will Crush My 2016 Goals!


Goals, Goals, and More Goals

I cannot recall ever being as excited for a New Year. It certainly is not like the last one was bad, I am just super excited for what is to come. Are you like me and looking to crush some goals in 2016? Here are some notes on my planning and conquering…

A Goal Reaching Head Start

There was no way I was going to wait until Jan 1, 2016 to begin making progress on some of my goals. Hey, some of them are just too damn difficult without a head start. For example, one of my goals is to run a half marathon. OK, OK, it is to jog a half marathon, but still, this was something I was absolutely too scared to try and start on the first of the new year. So I started running and tracking these runs in October, gearing up for the actual half marathon in 2016.

What Do I Really Want to Make a Goal?

I tend to leap headfirst at ideas and then try and achieve them. Sadly, I do this without a lot of thought. I just get really excited to try new stuff or learn new skills. In preparation for next year, I am really being careful about what I set out to achieve. I am focusing on the WHY I want to do things more than ever. To go back to the half marathon example, I realized there was a ton of reasons WHY I wanted to try and accomplish it. Weight loss, increased stamina, increased energy, they all added up to a big resounding GO FOR IT! Other goal ideas got scratched. Maybe some other year they would make more sense…


Why do I love my iPhone so much? That is simple – one word – TRACKING. I want to be a safer driver, the Automatic app tracks that. I want to run a half marathon, the RunKeeper app tracks that. I need to drink more water, WaterMinder tracks that…you get the idea. Most people never accomplish New Year’s Resolutions – only about 8% make it. Why is this? One big reason is they never track their progress throughout the year.

What are your goals for 2016? What are you doing to make sure you accomplish them? Let me know in the comments area below!