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CCENT (ICND1 100-101) IP Services Challenge



I have some new software that I will be using to create all types of new challenges for you here at AJSNetworking.com in the area of CCENT and other topics. Until then, let’s try a little Access Control List scenario the old fashioned way! Submit your configuration in the comments below and I will provide your score. Good luck!

CCENT ACL Scenario 1:


Configure a named standard access list on R1 with the following parameters:

  • Use an ACL name of MYCCENTACL
  • Block all traffic from, and ensure other systems are not blocked; use the HOST keyword
  • Assign this ACL inbound on the Gi0/0 interface of R1

Remember, post the R1 configuration in the comments below for grading. Good luck and do not rush your answer!
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