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Cisco DMVPN – Final Config Video

Yes – finally got back to this YouTube series of videos to complete the DMVPN config and verification for everyone. Enjoy!

Cisco ENARSI – DMVPN P3 – Lab Setup

Let’s get the base topology built with its routing protocol information. We will use simple static routing in the underlay of the DMVPN topology. Enjoy the video!

Cisco ENARSI – The Exam Review!

Yes, it is finally here – I have a few moments to tell you about the ENARSI certification exam from Cisco. I hope you enjoy my exam review!

Remember, this important exam helps you achieve the new CCNP Enterprise. This is by far the most popular concentration exam that students are choosing to add to ENCOR. Questions about the exam or how to get ready for it? Let me know in the comments below!