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The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

I have been running this new Windows 10 update now for several weeks on several different systems and no major problems to report, other than a TeamViewer reinstallation as a result of the update (most likely).

What is new in this Windows 10 Fall Creators Update? Here you go:

  • Got a VR headset and a compatible Windows system? Windows Mixed Reality arrives in Windows 10 with this update.
  • The Windows Photos app gets new features to catch up with Apple. Easily bring photos together to create a video of that great summer trip.
  • The Mixed Reality Viewer allows you to see 3D objects mixed into your actual surroundings via your PCs camera. This works so well even on a modest device and is pretty fun. Pictured here is my very first try with it.

Windows 10


  • My People can now be pinned to the taskbar in order to quickly Skype or send e-mail.
  • Cortana can finally shut down your PC as well as sleep and restart of course.
  • Edge gets enhancements like book annotation, pin favorites to the taskbar, edit URL for Favorites, and full-screen mode.
  • The Windows Store is updated to unify with the Xbox version.
  • Security enhancements include better Ransomware protections.
  • Productivity enhancements include continuing on your PC from an iPhone or Android device, Microsoft Launcher for Android, OneDrive Files On-Demand, Find My Pen, and improved PDF viewing.
  • PC gaming enhancements arrive with GPU settings in Task Manager and more.
  • 3D enhancements in Microsoft Office.

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Windows 10 Creators Update



2016 brought us the Anniversary Update to Windows 10. Now early 2017 brings us the Creators Update. This update targets the creative types, supposedly. I say this because adding 3D Paint to the existing Microsoft Paint application really seems to be the extent of that, and that is pretty lame.

When You Get It

I am testing the update for you here as a Microsoft Insider. You can download the update for yourself on or after April 11, 2017.

The Enhancement

Here is the full list of feature enhancements in this update:

  • Privacy Dashboard – this Web-based interface is now part of your Microsoft account screen online and permits you to control Privacy settings all from one location
  • Game Mode – places Windows into an operational mode that is optimized for games; found in an Xbox icon in settings
  • Paint 3D – a new built in painting app
  • Windows 10 Holographic Shell – this enables VR (particularly the HoloLens) to function with Windows 10 right out of the box
  • Windows Updates improvements – for example, Pro, Enterprise, and Education users can now delay updates for a time period; Home edition users are now the only test candidates! 🙂
  • Dynamic Lock – walk away from your PC and it can dynamically lock; this trick is done using Bluetooth to your phone
  • Cortana improvements – this feature gets smarter all the time of course, most noticeable in this update is the scheduling of monthly reminders; she can also help with Setup now, and will suggest things better as you type
  • E-books – the Windows Store is picking up an e-books section and the Edge Browser now serves as a Reader
  • Edge improvements – tab previews, set-aside tabs, and Microsoft Wallet all arrive in the browser
  • Start menu folders
  • New display settings – including a night mode
  • New Touchpad and Surface Dial settings 
  • Windows Defender improvements 
  • Bug fixes – (duh)

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