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Take Pills – Get Smarter!

We all know you can take a pill and hit a baseball a lot farther! 🙂 What I did not know was how much smarter I would become when I took supplements in pill and powder form during a recent 24-day challenge diet program I participated in.


My Day 24 (THE FINAL DAY) of the challenge is tomorrow and I accomplished so much more work and studying than I ever have in my life during this period. And the great part was, I never felt stressed at all!

What did I give up during my 24-day challenge?

Here is a list along with my ratings of how difficult they were for me to give up:

  • Soda (including diet) – EASY
  • Alcohol – MEDIUM
  • Creamy Sauces – MEDIUM
  • High-calorie salad Dressing – MEDIUM
  • Sugar – HARD
  • Candy – REALLY HARD
  • Fried Food – MEDIUM
  • Processed Food – HARD
  • White Flour – REALLY HARD
  • Partially Hydrogenated Oils – EASY

What would be your hardest sacrifices on the 24-day challenge?