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Enjoy My Latest Podcast – ID10Ttech!

Tech Podcast

Ever wondered what I would sound like if I got together with one of my best friends (Walter Sanford) and did an “unfiltered” explicit Podcast on Technology? Well – wait no longer – here it is.

We have 7 episodes up on iTunes and wherever else Podcasts are presented. I hope you enjoy! If you do, please rate us, if you don’t, please tell no one. 🙂

In this first episode, we concentrate on Microsoft Windows. Ever heard of it?

EIGRP Graceful Shutdown

I explain a simple built-in feature of EIGRP that can assist you in reconfiguring your EIGRP speakers for fast convergence. This tutorial relates to my and Scott Morris’ Cisco CCIE RS v5 All-In-One: 3.0 Layer 3 Technologies training course. Watch CBT Nuggets free for 7 days!