OK – What the F&^$ is Bitcoin?

If my headline caused you to visit this page – like me you might be just tired of reading quick explanations of bitcoin that make absolutely no sense. Maybe you see these explanations just under headlines regarding the virtual currency appearing all over the place. Maybe you have a friend that is all wide-eyed about it, reminding you a bit of Leonardo DiCaprio in the Wolf of Wall Street, hopefully with a little less cocaine.

Well, there is no doubt that bitcoin is making a big splash around the world. I personally decided to investigate this craze, and I discovered that thanks to CBT Nuggets and my cherished friends Keith Barker and Dan Charbonneau, there is a very valuable and thorough training course available for FREE all about this new (5 years old) financial instrument.

Ready to finally be able to speak intelligently about this currency? Just click the bitcoin below in order to access the free course. In classic CBT Nuggets style, should you just want to be able to understand what in the world it is – just watch the first video in the series! Should this pique your interest – by all means – keep going! By the way – if you prefer to jot down the web address for this course – it is very simply bitcoin.cbtnuggets.com.



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