Introducing the CCNA Data Center Certification

In this MicroNugget, I discuss the Cisco Certified Network Associate Data Center certification.

4 thoughts on “Introducing the CCNA Data Center Certification

  1. please i want to start with the CCNA but am confused, can you please help me with some pros of having the cisco certificate

    1. In this course for CBT Nuggets, you will learn the fundamentals of Data Center networking. This is obviously very important for your success in your career. Now, something else that is important is the fact with the certificate, you can quickly validate your skills to a potential employer. If you are not interested in this, take the course to gain the knowledge at least. 🙂

  2. How do I get this nugget? From CBT ? What is the price . Also, I know this is a video series. How do I practice it ?

    1. Yes indeed – just visit and speak with one of our training advisors.

      For practice with Data Center equipment, I will cover many options for you in the course. Also – Cisco has an excellent emulator coming out shortly that will allow you to practice with just about every device and OS that they have!

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