Goodbye Cisco Route Switch Track – Hello Enterprise

Cisco Enterprise Certifications

This video walks you through what the new Enterprise track looks like and what it is made up of! This track replaces the current Route-Switch track that we all know and love. This new track goes live on Feb 24, 2020. Get started now by watching this video and getting familiar with the certifications, topics, and exams that make up this new and exciting track!

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Cisco Route Switch Track – Hello Enterprise

  1. I’m currently taking your CCT Data Center course on Pluralsight. Only because they do not offer the CCT Routing & Switching. Which is what I would have preferred.

    My question is…

    Is your course on Pluralsight sufficient prep for the CCT Data Center course?

    1. Hi Russ! It is a surprisingly difficult exam! Be careful – do not take it lightly. I tried to prepare you as best as I could – but it was tricky given the restrictions of the Pluralsight platform. I would recommend that you really spend time with the documentation of Cisco in addition to my videos. This will guarantee success. Also – of course – use the official Cisco exam objectives as your “gospel” for the exam. Cisco does an EXCELLENT job with their exam “blueprints”. I will post a video soon for you here that will help.

      Thank you for posting here – as you might know – I have moved on from Pluralsight and will NOT be creating any more content for their platform. I am a full-time Edutainer now with ACI Learning.

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