Finally! A Solution in Cisco Practice Exams We Can Trust!

If  you’re like me, you are incredibly frustrated by the practice exam market for Cisco Certifications. It seems like there are only two options out there:

  • Illegal and error-filled “brain-dump” materials
  • Over-priced legal materials that are also error-filled or do not adequately map to the exams official objectives

I was speaking with my dear friend and fellow Cisco Press author Kevin Wallace about this and he shared with me some very exciting news. His excellent Web site – is going to start realeasing practice exams that we can afford, and that we can trust.

Logo - 1ExamAMonth

His site will start with an exam that many readers will be excited about – 640-911 DCICN – Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking. This exam will go live at his site on Tuesday, April 9, 2013.

I am so excited for this for the Cisco Certification community.

4 thoughts on “Finally! A Solution in Cisco Practice Exams We Can Trust!

  1. Please change “your” into “you’re” and you’ll gain my full respect 😉

    Thanks for the news 🙂

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