Exam 70-698 – Windows 10 – Section 3 of 3

Windows 10 MCSA

It is time for us to scrutinize section 3 of Exam 70-698 in great detail.  Section three is detailed as follows. It will make up 30 to 35% of your questions.

Manage and Maintain Windows

  • Configure Updates
    • Configure Windows Update options
    • Implement Insider Preview, Current Branch (CB), Current Branch for Business (CBB), and Long Term Servicing Branch (LTSB) scenarios
    • Manage update history
    • Roll back updates
    • Update Windows Store apps
  • Monitor Windows
    • Configure and analyze Event Viewer logs
    • Configure event subscriptions
    • Monitor performance using Task Manager
    • Monitor performance using Resource Monitor
    • Monitor performance using Performance Monitor and Data Collector Sets
    • Monitor system resources
    • Monitor and manage printers
    • Configure indexing options
    • Manage client security by using Windows Defender
    • Evaluate system stability using Reliability Monitor
    • Troubleshoot performance issues
  • Configure System and Data Recovery
    • Configure a recovery drive
    • Configure a system restore
    • Perform a refresh or recycle
    • Perform a driver rollback
    • Configure restore points
    • Resolve hardware and device issues
    • Interpret data from Device Manager
    • Restore previous versions of files and folders
    • Configure File History
    • Recover files from OneDrive
    • Use Windows Backup and Restore
      Perform a backup and restore with WBAdmin
    • Perform recovery operations using Windows Recovery
  • Configure Authorization and Authentication 
    • Configure Microsoft Passport
    • Configure picture passwords and biometrics
    • Configure workgroups
    • Configure domain settings
    • Configure HomeGroup settings
    • Configure Credential Manager
    • Configure local accounts
    • Configure Microsoft accounts
    • Configure Device Registration
    • Configure Windows Hello
    • Configure Device Guard
    • Configure Credential Guard
    • Configure Device Health Attestation
    • Configure UAC behavior
  • Configure Advanced Management Tools 
    • Configure services
    • Configure Device Manager
    • Configure and use the MMC
    • Configure Task Scheduler
    • Configure automation of management tasks using Windows PowerShell

Let’s make sure to copy and paste this information into our exam/study trackers so we can begin preparation before the exam even goes live this month (June 2016). Of course I will follow up with posts here detailing some of the more interesting areas of this blueprint.

What do you think about this section, let me know in the comments below!

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