Exam 70-698 – Windows 10 – Section 2 of 3

MCSA Windows 10

Here is your nicely organized section 2 for the Installing and Configuring Windows 10 exam blueprint. Remember, build that tracker as you study these subjects in order to crush this upcoming exam. 30 to 35% of your questions will come from this second section.

Configure and Support Core Services

  • Configure Networking
    • Configure and support IPv4 and IPv6 network settings
    • Configure name resolution
    • Connect to a network
    • Configure network locations
    • Configure Windows Firewall
    • Configure Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
    • Configure network discovery
    • Configure Wi-Fi settings
    • Configure Wi-Fi Direct
    • Troubleshoot network issues
    • Configure VPN, such as app-triggered VPN, traffic filters, and lockdown VPN
    • Configure IPsec
    • Configure Direct Access
  • Configure Storage
    • Configure disks, volumes, and file system options using Disk Management and Windows PowerShell
    • Create and configure VHDs
    • Configure removable devices
    • Create and configure storage spaces
    • Troubleshoot storage and removable devices issues
  • Configure Data Access and Usage
    • Configure file and printer sharing and HomeGroup connections
    • Configure folder shares, public folders, and OneDrive
    • Configure file system permissions
    • Configure OneDrive usage
    • Troubleshoot data access and usage
  • Implement Apps
    • Configure desktop apps
    • Configure startup options
    • Configure Windows features
    • Configure Windows Store
    • Implement Windows Store apps
    • Implement Windows Store for Business
    • Provision packages, create packages, use deployment tools
    • Use the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK)
  • Configure Remote Management
    • Choose the appropriate remote management tools
    • Configure remote management settings
    • Modify settings remotely by using the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) or Windows PowerShell
    • Configure Remote Assistance, including Easy Connect
    • Configure Remote Desktop
    • Configure remote PowerShell

If you know my background, you know this is going to be my favorite section to teach! What do you think about this exam section? Be sure to let me know in the comments area below!

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