CCIE R&S Prep Club – Preregistration

Are you one of the readers that are planning to sign up for CCIE R&S Personal Training here at Preregistration for this service is now available. This provides our trainer(s) with an opportunity to get to know you and your current status with CCIE R&S studies. Please only complete the form using the link below if you actually plan on signing up for the service.

Here is the link for pre-registration:


15 thoughts on “CCIE R&S Prep Club – Preregistration

  1. I need a way to interact with another students. Actually I need a buddy for discipline purposes. Will there be any forum or skype talk ?

  2. Wow Anthony this is cool. Am all in. Will we be able to download the videos for offline access as well? And also is there a deadline for registration?

    1. Videos that are part of Personal Coaching will be available via a private YouTube link. There is no deadline for Preregistration or Registration. The $9.95 per month rate might adjust in the future, however.

      1. Cool Then. I will also go with the annual subscription just like Micheal. This will really put CCIE prep to another level. ANd it would be good to also have some communication with other students in the journey just like Bruno pointed out.

    1. We saw that Mark! We are so excited to have you join! You will be getting your slack invite today! You will also get an email with your username/password establishment info so you can access all the members-only content here on the site. We will be moving to our own site soon…but for now – everything runs through

  3. I got my CCNP in December and I am thinking about starting my CCIE journey by studying for the written and take it sometime in a couple of months.
    Is this a right place for me? Or this is for people that are about to take the LAB?

    1. Hello Guy! We currently have members ranging from CCNA RS prep to CCIE RS Lab prep. All are welcome and no one is “looked down” upon.

    2. The common property of all members is a desire to take and pass the CCIE RS Lab exam at some point. We also have one member that is doing CCDE and skipping the CCIE.

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