CCENT Challenge 1 – Host to Host Communication

Examine the graphic below:



Snow_White sends a packet to Grimm. Grimm then responds with a packet to Snow_White. What is the source IP and source MAC address of this packet when it arrives at Dopey? Answer in the form of : IP address of Fa0/0 of Grumpy and MAC address of Fa0/3 of Happy.

Good luck – you will find the answer posted in the comments section of this blog.

12 thoughts on “CCENT Challenge 1 – Host to Host Communication

  1. Poorly worded question. Is Dopey concerned about the packet coming from Snow White or GRIMM. Yes you state it goes and comes back but when you ask the question its not known from what perspective Dopey should be viewing the packet.

    1. Hi Michael – if you think this question is poorly worded – wait until you get in an actual Cisco exam. 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback!

      Dopey has just received the packet from Doc and the packet is being sent from Grimm to Snow_White.

  2. Im coming from the CCNP route exam. I was just giving my 2 cents. I think you are an amazing instructor and learning from really is awesome. I apologize if it came across disrespectful

  3. No – no problem at all!!!

    Thank you so much for checking out the question and providing your feedback!!!!

    What is your next exam?

  4. CCNP switch.
    Oddly enough the Route exam for me was pretty easy. Just a few extra concepts from a students NA exam. Switch is were I hear the horror stories. Thats where I look to you and your instructions 😉

  5. Yes – I was very found of the ROUTE exam.

    The great news on SWITCH is that Cisco did refresh it fairly recently and eliminated a bunch of questions that were incorrect and out of scope for the actual course content.

    I will be sure to start posting more videos here on SWITCH and I will start that as early as tomorrow’s post!

  6. And that is why you are an awesome person !! Thanks so much. You really do inspire me to be the best Engineer I can be. After the NP I might just jump into the IE.

    Lastly, whats your opinion on the fact that the Route exam is in my opinion missing key topics that are used in the real world such as Tunneling/GRE and VPN.

    Cant wait for your SWITCH material.

  7. I think that Cisco does a pretty good job on the blueprints. I mean – they have to decide enough is enough at some point with coverage.

    I think a more troubling CCNP topic omission is Multicast.

  8. Funny enough my company just paid for me to do a 40hr Multicast course. There is seriously a ton of material to be learned.
    Perhaps the omission was done because its not as widespread in organizations big or small. I work in the Financial sector so there it is more important to have that foundation.

  9. This is a good review of the rule that CCENT and CCNA students should pay attention to: Layer 2 addresses change hop-by-hop on a routed network, but Layer 3 addresses remain the same from end-to-end.
    The caveat is understanding that the Layer 2 addresses change at the Layer 3 devices; never at the Layer 2 devices. 🙂


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