CCENT and CCNA Simulation Practice Pack with Email Mentoring


Are you ready to practice for the potential simulations in your CCENT and/or CCNA exams? Do you have questions about these technologies or the simulations you might face?

Enjoy the CCENT/CCNA Simulation Practice Pack. This product ships on April 19, 2019! Order yours now at this introductory rate and experience your email mentoring service immediately!

Look at this comprehensive content – all for only $29.95!

Simulations use Packet Tracer and include tasks with full solutions. You are also provided with all initial and final configurations! This permits you to use the simulator or emulator or real gear of your choosing!


  1. Configuring IPv4 Addressing
  2. Configuring IPv6 Addressing
  3. Configure IPv6 Stateless Address Auto Configuration
  4. Configure VLANs
  5. Troubleshoot VLANs
  6. Configure Trunks
  7. Trunk Troubleshooting
  8. Configuring and Verifying Port Security
  9. Configure Inter-VLAN Routing (ROAS)
  10. Inter-VLAN Routing (SVIs)
  11. Configure IPv4 Static Routing
  12. Configuring IPv6 Static Routing
  13. Configure RIPv2
  14. RIPv2 Troubleshooting
  15. DHCP Configuration
  16. NTP Configuration
  17. Configure Syslog


  1. Configure STP
  2. Configure EtherChannels
  3. Configure OSPFv2
  4. Configure OSPFv3
  5. Troubleshooting OSPF
  6. Configure EIGRP for IPv4
  7. Configure EIGRP for IPv6
  8. Troubleshooting EIGRP
  9. Configuring the WAN
  10. Configuring HSRP
  11. Configuring SNMP
  12. Configuring SPAN
  13. Configure ACLs
  14. Configure NAT
  15. Configure Basic Device Hardening

13 thoughts on “CCENT and CCNA Simulation Practice Pack with Email Mentoring

  1. Anthony

    I tried to purchase this just now and it seems like the Buy Now button is not working correctly. It takes you to your PayPal and then nothing happens. Please advise.

    1. It was my pleasure Tom! Congrats! We just sent you an email as your mentoring through ICND1 and ICND2 has officially begun! Cannot wait to help you with these fun and rewarding certs!

  2. Your courses seem to be very useful and practical. Is there any affiliate program so that I can make some money promoting your products?

  3. Anthony, Just purchased the simulation pack. Still havent received any email as of yet, just the paypal confirmation.

    1. Yes – that is a great idea – I will put together some type of complimentary package once the pay version is fully complete. You can expect an announcement here in about one week. Subscribe to this blog if you have not done so already.

  4. Hi Anthony
    I’m interested in taking MTA 98-349

    Any plans on updating your MTA 98-349 exam course as MTA now includes Windows10 and the CBT course is outdated with mostly Win7 as it stands. It’s a great certificate to have and for people like me starting off doesn’t look to difficult. Be nice to have one Microsoft Certificate on the resume.

    thank you Tc

    1. Hi Tom! I was just talking to Garth at CBT Nuggets about refreshing this. He and I were talking about how great many of the updated MTA certs look! I will update the course you mention – but it will take some time. Note that you can find every topic in that blueprint about Windows 10 centric stuff in our many Windows 10 courses. That would be the solution for TODAY – given that it might take me weeks or months to get the new and improved MTA course done on Windows. Thanks so much for the post!

  5. Thanks Anthony.
    appreciate it.
    Please send out an alert when this class is updated. In the meantime I’ve scheduled my Network + N10-007 exam for two months out. Will be working on this for now.
    Cheers T

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