Subnetting Quiz

Enjoy this latest quiz and let me know how you scored in the comments section here!

CCENT (100-101 ICND1) Sample Quiz 1

Enjoy this sample quiz where subnetting is the focus!
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5 thoughts on “Subnetting Quiz

  1. I loved the questions scored 100% please post more this kind of questions are fun and boost our confidence to do the exam

    1. OK – you got it. Just the other day I realized that I need to do more of these – thanks for confirming that!

  2. the last question is a bit….weird.
    Since subnet-zero was NOT mentioned. Why on earth would it be,

  3. The subnet-zero doesn’t exist.

    Subnet-1)–>1st host= & last=

    Subnet-2)–>1st host= & last=

    *subnet-3) is the network address so the first host is and the last usable address is

    1. The question is referring to the *Third subnet

      1st subnet /29 = increment of 8
      2nd subnet .8/29
      3rd subnet .16/29
      usable .17 – .22(Last Usable)
      broadcast .23
      4th subnet .24/29

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