CBT Nuggets in the Land Down Under!

Monica, a CBT Nuggets team member, hosted a meetup earlier this week in Sydney, Australia. A small but diverse crowd — including a Cisco employee and a member of the Australian government – hung out and talked IT.


Here are some of Monica’s observations:

  • IT-specific topics of conversation included CISSP, SDN, CMNA, Sophos, CCIE, and Nexus and DC training.

  • The general consensus among the group was that CBT Nuggets is a valuable resource because it’s a timesaver. An example: once you have a job, it’s hard to find time to take an IT class. So being able to search for a topic and watch Nuggets/MicroNuggets is very beneficial.

Monica said that the most memorable part about the evening was seeing the attendees interact with each other, especially when they exchanged contact information and picked out some CBT Nuggets swag!

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