CCIE Data Center Written Exam Study Tracker

August 11, 2018 at 1:00 pm


Here is the latest tracker for this exciting exam. THis is the one that is appropriate for those of us who will be testing August 30, 2018. As always – if you are viewing this on the home page – be sure to click the READ MORE button to see more than section 1.

1.0 Data Center Layer 2/Layer 3 Connectivity

1.1 Design, implement, and troubleshoot Layer 2 technologies
1.1.a Link aggregation
1.1.b Tagging/trunking
1.1.c Spanning Tree Protocol
1.2 Design, implement, and troubleshoot overlays
1.2.a VXLAN
1.2.b EVPN
1.2.c OTV
1.3 Design, implement, and troubleshoot routing protocols and features
1.3.a OSPF
1.3.b IS-IS
1.3.c BGP
1.3.d BFD
1.3.e FHRP
1.4 Design, implement, and troubleshoot multicast protocols
1.4.a PIM
1.4.b IGMP
1.5 Describe interfabric connectivity
1.5.a Multipod
1.5.b Multisite
1.6 Design, implement, and troubleshoot external fabric connectivity
1.6.a L2/L3Out
1.6.b VRF-Lite
1.7 Design, implement, and troubleshoot traffic management
1.7.a Queueing
1.7.b Policing
1.7.c Classification/marking
1.7.d RoCE

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) – Advertising NLRI is Complete!

June 21, 2018 at 2:59 pm


I have completed the final videos and quizzes for the latest module on BGP I am recording at CBT Nuggets. Here is a recap of the videos so far!

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) – Basic Operations (Released Jan 2018)

  1. An Overview of BGP
  2. BGP Message Types
  3. BGP Message Formats
  4. BGP Neighbor States
  5. BGP Path Attributes
  6. The Origin Attribute
  7. The AS_PATH Attribute
  8. The NEXT_HOP Attribute
  9. BGP Weight
  10. BGP Best Path Selection

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) – Peerings (Released Feb 2018)

  1. eBGP Peerings
  2. Cisco eBGP Peering Example
  3. Juniper eBGP Peering Example
  4. iBGP Peerings
  5. Cisco iBGP Peering Example
  6. Juniper iBGP Peering Example
  7. eBGP Multihop
  8. Using BGP Authentication
  9. Misc. Neighbor Options

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) – Advertising NLRI (Released June 2018)

  1. The Cisco Network Command
  2. Cisco Troubleshooting for NLRI Reachability
  3. Redistributing NLRI in Cisco BGP
  4. Cisco BGP RIB Failures
  5. BGP Synchronization
  6. Juniper NLRI Advertisement
  7. Static Routes with Multihoming
  8. Redistributing NLRI into IGPs
  9. Using iBGP with a Stub AS
  10. Advertising a Default Route
  11. BGP Aggregation

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) – Cisco Routing Policy Mechanisms (Releasing July 2018)

  1. An Overview of BGP Routing Policy
  2. The BGP Decision Process
  3. A Routing Policy Example
  4. InQ and OutQ
  5. Cisco IOS BGP Processes
  6. Next Hop Tracker, Event, and the Open Processes
  7. Table Versions
  8. Clearing BGP Sessions
  9. Soft Reconfiguration
  10. Route Refresh

Mastering the CCIE Evolving Technologies Section Sample Questions

May 29, 2017 at 3:34 pm


Here is a sample quiz using sample questions from my latest book – Mastering the CCIE Evolving Technologies Section. Have fun and good luck!

Mastering the CCIE Evolving Technologies Section

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