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What is Your CCIE Study Schedule and Do You Have Permission?

OK – I need to know your planned study schedule. Please post as many details as you like in the comments below. Please consider helpful tips you have for our group surrounding the study scheduling.

For me, just being very realistic about how much I am willing to study and really planning it is important. If I do not “hard plan”, I am one of those types that will never do it. I have so many interests, something else will definitely get in the way.

Notice I also need to know if you have permission for this schedule from your friends and family. For example, just today I received permission from my wife to start the 7 day a week phase. I will be doing 1 to 3 hours per day in this phase every day.

Without her permission…errrr…it would not have worked. 🙂

OK…get typing in the comments below…if you do not have a plan, now is time to draft one!


Need a Coach for Your CCIE Pursuit?

I have found the power of coaching to be incredible. In the last three years, I have achieved great success at work, in my studies, and with physical fitness through the power of excellent coaching.


Tennis coach – check!

Running coach – check!

CBT Nugget coach – check!

CCIE Security coach – check!

Martial arts, personal firearms, physical fitness coach – check!

Flight coach – check!

I would love to give back. If you are studying for any CCIE track, let me try and help with the new CCIE Coaching section of this website. Interact with me through the comments section of each post!

Today’s assignment – Please introduce yourself in the public comments below and update me with where you are at today with your CCIE pursuit. Don’t forget to let me know details like track and current progress (written/lab). Also, don’t be embarrassed if you are at the CCNA level or even pre-CCNA, we all need to start somewhere! I look forward to meeting you and helping in any way I can!