AWS Solutions Architect – Storage

Solutions Architect

Here is a look at just some of the Nuggets you will be enjoying in my upcoming AWS Solutions Architect – Storage course at CBT Nuggets!

Simple Storage Service (S3)

  • IT Storage Types
  • S3 Basics
  • Advanced S3 Features
  • S3 In Action


  • Amazon Glacier Basics
  • Working with Glacier Vaults and Archives

Elastic Block Store (EBS)

  • EBS Basics
  • Instance Stores vs EBS
  • EBS Volume Types
  • EBS Security

Elastic File System (EFS)

  • EFS Basics
  • Using EFS File Systems

Storage Gateway

  • Why Use Storage Gateway?
  • Storage Gateway Basics
  • Four Types of Storage Gateways

2 thoughts on “AWS Solutions Architect – Storage

  1. Nice diagrams, and bullet points. Got a question. File storage undoubtedly requires a file system, and stores its information in a hierarchy. Does Block storage use a file system and hierarchy? I know Object storage does not save file information in a hierarchy, but I’m not “absolutely” certain if there is a file system involved. What say you?

    1. Hi Trevor – block storage does not use a file system. Why it seems like it does is the fact that we typically interact with the data stored by block storage using an Operating System that does map a file system to this data. So for example, a directly attached storage device is having the data written to it in block form. When you run Windows against this data, it presents us with the NTFS file system for accessing this data.

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