AWS Global Infrastructure

AWS Global Infrastructure


Here are my notes for you on the awesome Tuesday Night Live keynote at AWS Re:Invent 2017. This is obviously from the portion that focused on the AWS Global Infrastructure.

The AWS Global Infrastructure is so exciting of course because for one, it allows you to deploy services right in the area where most of your customers are located.

These notes will help learners at all certification levels.

Crazy Growth

It is amazing to think that just 4 regions existed 5 years after Amazon launched AWS. The first region was N. Virginia in the USA.

After the second 5 years – AWS added 7 more regions. So that is 11 regions in the first 10 years.

What is amazing, is that from 2016 to 2018 – AWS will add another 11 regions! The growth is really exploding of course! AWS expects this to growth rate to continue to increase even faster.

Another exciting fact is that AWS is pushing hard to eventually be powered by 100% renewable energy. One of the reasons for the Sweden launch is their commitment to renewables. 50% of their energy is renewables as country!

Availability Zones

This is a critical part of the Global Infrastructure. A region is made up of multiple AZs. Here are the important aspects to keep in mind:

  • An AZ is a fully isolated infrastructure with one or more data centers – the distance between AZs is as far as possible (miles)
  • There is a meaningful distance of separation for fault tolerance
  • Each has a unique power infrastructure
  • There are many 100Ks of servers at scale
  • Datacenters within an AZ are connected with high speed fiber (with redundant links)
  • Regions have at least two AZs and some have six!
  • AZs are connected to each other with redundant high speed fiber

Region Connectivity

  • Each region has multiple high speed connection options to the rest of the Internet
  • Direct Connect points are expanding – this permits a private connection to the cloud; there are 67 currently
  • There is now inter-region Direct Connect – so the customer can not only connect to their local region privately, they can then do cross region work on their own connections

Edge Locations

  • Over 100 around the world
  • Serve as the basis for CloudFront locations to deliver content to users quickly


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