AWS SysOps Administrator – Associate – VPC Quiz 1

My AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate course at CBT Nuggets sure is getting a lot of positive feedback. Thank you so much. You can find the course here: CBT Nuggets Many students have asked about sample exam questions to go along with the quizzes in the course so I will be doing some fun posts here at the blog on this. Enjoy this quiz! Let us know how you did in the comments area below the quiz! 

AWS SysOps Associate - VPCs

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2 thoughts on “AWS SysOps Administrator – Associate – VPC Quiz 1

  1. I did quite a bit better on this VPC quiz than the DB quiz, but still need to review my notes a bit. Any chance to add a few more questions to this quiz for practice?

    1. How about I construct another one – after all – this is named Quiz 1 🙂 Subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss these!

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