AJSnetworking.com Book Giveaway – ICND2

ICND2I will be giving away my tech book collection here at the blog throughout the month as a thank you to my readers!

Second giveaway is ready – the top-rated Odom text for ICND2 (CCNA).

The first reader THAT TRULY NEEDS this book for their studies to respond using the Contact Anthony link at the top of the blog will receive it. You must meet these conditions:

  • Mailing address in the continental US
  • Provide valid full name and mailing address in the email
  • Be a good person 🙂
  • Have not received a free gift from this site prior to this giveaway

I am so glad I can help you in your studies!

3 thoughts on “AJSnetworking.com Book Giveaway – ICND2

  1. I will be reading that next, so I do need it, but I can find a decently priced Like New copy on Amazon. I’ll leave it for someone who could use the freebie more.

  2. I don’t need it but for my neighbor who is just starting his journey it would be great. Let me know if this qualifies and I will send his info.

  3. I am fan of u and if you can see my account i already watched all your videos i need to take CCNA-200-125 so if possible obtain the Books Giveaway – ICND1 and ICND2 or only ICND2

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