70-698: Installing and Configuring Windows 10 – Nugget TOC

Windows 10 MCSAHere is your table of contents for the upcoming 70-698: Installing and Configuring Windows 10 course at CBT Nuggets!

There are 109 laser focused Nuggets that makeup this course – to see the complete list, just click on Read More below. Enjoy and be sure to copy and paste this list into your study tracker of choice!

NOTE: Nuggets in Bold have been recorded, if you do not see them on our site – it is because they are being reviewed.

1  Course Introduction
2  The Implement Windows Section
3  Hardware Requirements and Compatibility
4  Upgrades Versus Clean Installs
5  Windows 10 Editions
6  Requirements for Special Features
7  Creating Appropriate Installation Media
8  Performing Various Installations
9  Performing a Clean Install
10  Installing Additional Windows Features
11  Additional Regional and Language Support
12  Device Drivers
13  Advanced Device Driver Management
14  Start Menu, Desktop, Taskbar, and Notification Settings
15  Accessibility Options
16  Cortana
17  Microsoft Edge
18  Internet Explorer
19  Hyper-V
20  Power Settings
21  Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer (ICD) Tool
22  Volume Activation
23  Miscellaneous Activation Topics
24  Introducing Active Directory
25  Active Directory and Group Policies
26  User Account Control (UAC)
27  The Configure and Support Core Services Section
28  IPv4 and IPv6 Network Settings
29  Name Resolution
30  Connect to a Network
31  Network Locations
32  Windows Firewall
33  Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
34  Network Discovery
35  Wi-Fi Settings
36  Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi Sense, and Hotspot 2.0
37  Troubleshoot Network Issues
38  VPNs
39  IPsec
40  Direct Access
41  Disk Management and Windows PowerShell
42  VHDs
43  Storage Spaces
44  Removable Devices
45  Troubleshoot Storage
46  File and Printer Sharing
47  Folder Shares, Public Folders, and OneDrive
48  File System Permissions
49  Troubleshoot Data Access
50  Desktop Apps
51  Startup Options
52  Windows Features
53  Windows Store and Windows Store for Business
54  Packages
55  Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK)
56  Windows PowerShell
57  Microsoft Management Console (MMC)
58  Remote Management
59  The Manage and Maintain Windows Section
60  Windows Update Options
61  Insider Preview
62  Current Branch (CB), Current Branch for Business (CBB), and Long Term Servicing Branch (LTSB)
63  Update History and Roll Back Updates
64  Event Viewer Logs and Event Subscriptions
65  Task Manager and Resource Monitor
66  Performance Monitor and Data Collector Sets
67  Monitor and Manage Printers
68  Indexing Options
69  Windows Defender
70  Reliability Monitor
71  Troubleshoot Performance Issues
72  Recovery Options
73  Previous Versions of Files and File History
74  Windows Backup and Restore and WBAdmin
76  Windows Login Options
77  Credential Manager
78  Local Accounts and Microsoft Accounts
79  Device Registration
80  Device Guard and Credential Guard
81  Device Health Attestation
82  Configure Services
83  Task Scheduler
84  Your 70-698 Exam

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  1. Hi Anthony,

    I’m glad to see that this is in motion. When do you think this will be available on the CBT Nuggets site?

    Kind regards,


    1. The first video Performing a Clean Install includes a Hands on Lab! I uploaded this Nugget moments ago. It usually takes two days to be reviewed and approved. So I think the course and first few Nuggets begin showing up on 9/12/2016

    2. This is our second ever course to feature live Hands on Labs that are per Nugget – so you can follow along with me in a real environment that we provide for you!!!!

      1. Hi Anthony,

        Superb stuff. I have recently passed 70-697 and after a short break I need to start my subscription again and start on 70-698. Looking forward to it….

        Gary Culpan

      2. Thanks for the quick reply and happy to hear that it is that soon.

        That sounds like a fantastic idea. I will be asking my work to get some subscriptions!

  2. Hi Anthony, your link to the course on the cbtuggets site doesn’t seem to work, and I can’t seem to find it when searching 70-698.

  3. Hi Anthony,

    I’m using the 7 day free trial and I can only see 48 nuggets available (70-698). Would you know if this is because of the free trial or because its the only videos available.

    1. Hi Greg! Those are the only ones complete at the moment. I ended up clearing some of the redundant videos and also combined some – so the final video number will be around 80 or so and I will have all of them uploaded by 1/13/2017. Thanks for your interest! I will be sure to update this blog post with the new accurate outline.

  4. Anthony,
    During your UAC video, you made a statement that I’d like to discuss in a little more detail. Due the security nature of the topic, I’d prefer a private conversation to which you can email me. To expand somewhat on the topic, you stated a standard user cannot do administrative task if you set the GPO to automatically deny elevation prompts. Even with this GPO applied, you can get actually get the prompts and get into elevated command prompts. I will not state how in this public forum but if you’re interested, please shoot me an email and I’ll share it.


    1. Hi Wes! I read your excellent information on this topic. In fact, in my future edits of this Nugget, I will certainly be alluding to it. Thanks again, and keep up the INCREDIBLE work in your studies!!!!

  5. Anthony ,

    please i went for CBT Nuggets and it show up for 72 videos and here it show up 84 videos.

    Can you please explain what i need to follow with.

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