Windows 10 Anniversary Update Time


Well, I was just about to get impatient enough to click the More Info link in the Check for Windows Updates app in order to force the Anniversary Update, but then it happened – Microsoft offered it up to me. It lists as “Feature update to Windows 10, version 1607”. Hmmmm, perhaps Marketing could have helped out with that name. You know, maybe mention something there about Anniversary Update???

Well – the download and install took about 25 minutes over a very fast Fiber connection, so plan for some down time here. There will be about 2 reboots during the process. After the final reboot and log in screen entry – you will get the now classic “Getting things ready…” screen.

By the way, my platform is rather ideal for this update – it is a new maxed out Surface Book. If you are on older non-Microsoft hardware, you might want to consider holding off a bit on the update since there have been reports of issues with the update (of course).

As I write this, I just made it to the desktop. I can quickly see the update was applied as I have a Windows Ink Workspace icon in the Notification area.

One quick amusing note – my Update History is now empty as this is a new build of Windows 10 that has yet to be updated. 🙂

I will keep you posted here at the blog as I play with the new features of this Windows 10 version. Of course I will also let you know the second anything gets bad. If you have any questions for me – feel free to comment below!
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