The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is Aug 2, 2016

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The First Big Windows 10 Update

If you are like me, you just love a good (and free) Windows update. Now that I am running around town with a new Surface Book, I am more excited than ever for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. This update is officially available on August 2, 2016. Remember, another important date to remember is July 29, 2016. This is when all of those folks that are running Windows 7 or 8.1 will have to pay for their Windows 10.

So what is in this Anniversary Update that many of us will experience? Well, as a Microsoft Insider I have been playing with the features for some time now and they vary from the dull to the pretty cool (as usual). Here is a quick recap of some of the biggest.

What’s New in your Windows

  • Better security – that’s right, better enhancements like improved biometrics. And are you ready for this? An improved Windows Defender! Really! Windows Defender is that anti-malware software that you run all the time that never seems to catch any of your malware. ūüėČ For enterprises, new tools such as¬†Windows Defender Advanced Protection and¬†Windows Information Protection show up.
  • Advanced ink features –¬†sadly, some won’t be able to take advantage of this on devices without a touchscreen and stylus (or their finger). There is¬†a whole new area with Windows Ink tools and productive and fun apps. Plus, your device leads¬†you to plenty of more Ink friendly apps in the Windows Store.
  • A better¬†Cortana – that’s right, improvements to the Microsoft version of Siri! Even allowing her to help you with certain task from the lock screen.
  • A better Edge browser –¬†the first improvement being a browser that is more efficient with your battery.¬†¬†Also, Edge supports ‚Äúextensions‚Ä̬†for sites like Amazon and Pinterest. These are¬†available in the Windows Store.
  • Great stuff for gamers –¬†¬†with the Anniversary Update¬†and the Xbox Play Anywhere program, you can buy a game one time and then freely play it on your Windows 10 PC and Xbox One.
  • Education – ¬†the Update also brings a new ‚ÄúSet up School PCs‚ÄĚ app for Windows 10 that aims to simplify¬†the¬†integration of Windows into the classroom.
  • GUI enhancements – from the ho-hum¬†things¬†icon improvements, to the really handy like improvements to the Start Menu, you will like much¬†of what you see new in the Graphical User Interface.

I will be sure to keep you posted and provide more information on what is coming here at the blog. Here is the official Microsoft teaser:
Microsoft Press

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