WiFi Speeds Starting To Scream

wifi-icon-1004152910802.11ac devices that we saw in 2014 were pre-standard for the most part. 2015 features Wave 2 devices that should provide even better performance.

What is next for the rapidly evolving world of WiFi? 802.11ax will be here soon to provide speeds initially thought impossible. We should see devices in 2016, with the official ratification coming in about 2019.

How does 802.11ac work its magic? For starters, it operates in the far less crowded 5 GHZ band. This means we experience far less interference. The new Wave 2 devices feature MU-MIMO (multi-user multiple-input/multiple-output) technology permitting multiple spatial streams to multiple clients simultaneously.

Enjoy your unplugged experience!

2 thoughts on “WiFi Speeds Starting To Scream

  1. I’ve started moving our clients toward 5 GHz only and we’ve seen better performance. Of course we have to do the planning behind it which includes researching any legacy hardware that doesn’t support it.

    More people are becoming wireless only!

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