What is Your CCIE Study Schedule and Do You Have Permission?

OK – I need to know your planned study schedule. Please post as many details as you like in the comments below. Please consider helpful tips you have for our group surrounding the study scheduling.

For me, just being very realistic about how much I am willing to study and really planning it is important. If I do not “hard plan”, I am one of those types that will never do it. I have so many interests, something else will definitely get in the way.

Notice I also need to know if you have permission for this schedule from your friends and family. For example, just today I received permission from my wife to start the 7 day a week phase. I will be doing 1 to 3 hours per day in this phase every day.

Without her permission…errrr…it would not have worked. πŸ™‚

OK…get typing in the comments below…if you do not have a plan, now is time to draft one!


28 thoughts on “What is Your CCIE Study Schedule and Do You Have Permission?

  1. Well I can’t make the 7 day plan, Anthony… have promised my wife one night a week (Saturday). Otherwise, I go for 2-3 hours each night, after the kids are in bed. Maybe also a cheeky half-dayer at the weekend, if our schedule permits.

  2. Well…

    When i mention it my CCDE Schedule to my girlfriend, she answer me an HTTP 300 and then when i change my routine she returns an 401

    so currently i’m on a HTTP 550 status…

    So i expect to fix this error on my GirlFriend HTTP server, soon…

    Or maybe change the 550 HTTP code by the 410, and then when somebody ask me for her, i could return an 404.


  3. well i am single and i don’t need to take permission form any one πŸ˜€ , so i commit u to study at least 3 hours theory and 2 hours dedicatedly for practicals , total 5 hours of daily studying.

  4. You know, now I feel convicted for putting this off lol. Finally got everything I need, so I guess I need to get this R/S written done and move forward here. I haven’t checked in a while but I really hope there’s better CCIE R/S Written material these days. I think I’ll start light with 1-3 hours/night. Can you recommend any good recent resources for the written? Already a CBT Nuggets and INE subscriber, I’m hoping those are enough.

  5. Hi Anthony,

    I have a few questions -:

    1.CBT Nuggets doesnot have a section on CCIE Secuirty.The only alternative is INE.Are there any plans for CCIE Security track.

    2.They have a technology specific workbook and a full scale lab workbook.Do you think other than these two ,is there anything else we should practice.

    3.For practicing the labs,GNS3 other than ASA I guess doesn’t support the other security devices.How to overcome these if you want to make your own topology ? Do you think VIRL is a good option for practicing the lab.

    4.If someone is at CCNP Security level , how much time do we need to spend preparing for the CCIE lab (saying 2 hours per days)

    5.Another offline question , now days NFV and SDN are buzzword in the industry.If you could share some links with respect to these I would be grateful.


    1. 1. INE is clearly not the only alternative for the security track. πŸ™‚ There are plenty of other training vendors that handle the SEC track. I will eventually cover CCIE Sec at CBT Nuggets, but you will have passed then.

      2. Sounds good to me – just remember to add your own labs on tech you are weak at.

      3. I rent – easier – gigavelocity.net – I have heard good things about the INE racks, but never tried them. I assume since my resignation I am still banned.

      4. 700 hours is the average

      5. I have no links for those handy.

    1. Not my area! πŸ™‚ I would certainly guess that they are equally hot right now. Also, remember, it is how good YOU are often times!

  6. Okay, about this schedule, as I’m currently not working, i can easily squeeze in 5-6 hours 6 days a week with about an hour break in between. This is the schedule I created when I started but like I mentioned earlier, I did run out of steam. Having a coaching system like this, I’m hoping, will get me back on track so I can tackle the v5 written by July. I’m still in layer 2 technologies though so I don’t know if that’s a realistic target.

    Thanks again Anthony. I (and a lot of us, I’m sure) really appreciate this.


    1. I think your July target for the written is most definitely achievable. Make sure not to bog down. Also – be sure to nail down your most efficient way to study for the written. For example, some crush it with videos compared to reading, while others are completely opposite.

  7. Hi Anthony,

    I commit to study 4 Hours per day, everyday for my CCIE Written exam.

    For now, I am just doing theory to get to know the technology fundamentals.

    I have got someone who listens to my reviews and asks me some questions, once a week, to check my understanding but, I feel like I should do more than that I have the strengths to do more.

    Best regards

    1. Excellent – I will be posting challenges here that are going to test you further. KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK AND CAST THE DOUBTS ASIDE.

  8. Don’t need anyone’s permission really. My schedule is
    Monday though Thursday (4 hours a day). Then 8 hours straight on either Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

    1. I love it! This schedule won my the R&S. Those long days were critical in order to build the strength for the marathon of the lab exam itself.

  9. To be wonest I spent 2 hours every day that means 14 hours each week I hope it’s enough to earn my paper

    1. That sounds like a great start. Remember, for the lab exam itself, most students report they need at least about 6 sessions of 12 hours straight at the command line in order to build the “muscle” that it takes to configure for that long without going crazy. πŸ™‚ These marathon practice sessions can come at the end of your study…

  10. Hi anthony ,
    i will be married next year so I want finish my CCIE R&S LAB before my wedding , i want do my preparation without any permission πŸ™‚

    i will schedule the CCIE Written exam on july and the LAB on january or february 2016.

    I think six months with 30 hours/week is enough to pass the LAB no ?

  11. My current schedule is this:
    Monday – 6-9pm (focus on reading)
    Tuesday – 6-9pm (focus on reading)
    Wednesday – 6-9pm (focus on reading)
    Thursday – break
    Friday – 6-8pm (focus on reading)
    Saturday – 12-5pm (lab work on this weeks reading material)
    Sunday – 12-5pm (lab work on this weeks reading material)

    This will be modified as I get closer to the lab exam, focusing on more CLI sessions and less on strengthing my core knowledge. I’m following your plan, breaking down tasks and making sure I understand every level of the blueprint for a technology before moving on. Starting with reading, then re-reading and taking notes, doing CLI work, watching videos, then making sure I fully understand things before moving on.

    I’m aiming to re-take my written at Cisco Live, as I let the 18 months to take the lab lapse from my last written pass. This time, I’m not going to do so. Once I pass the written, I’m scheduling my lab so I have a hard goal.

    1. I LOVE THIS – thank you so much for sharing. What a great plan for the written with an eye on the lab after that. I need to buckle down on my Security Written, I am ignoring it too much as I am loving the Lab Prep.

  12. Hi Anthony,

    I am still struggling to get used to my schedule as I could see that I don’t really manage to do my 5 hours per day at least. I am only managing 2 hours per day but one day at a time. My lab exam target is November this year.

    To put myself in a study gear, I am currently watching your CCDA videos.

    Dustin B schedule sounds more interesting and could work perfectly for me.

    Thank u


  13. That is awesome – yes – we often need to tailor things for more reality once we start!

  14. Hello!
    I just finished grad school and prepping for ccie. Not working, so I can keep work hours for studying… so I plan on 9-6pm every week day and 2 hours on Saturdays and Sundays.

    Planning for December.

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