Top Resume Mistakes!

I decided to follow the requests of many of my faithful readers and add a Jobs category to It was with much trepidation that I did this, since it is definitely not an area of my expertise. But I will certainly lean on the input of you readers and some excellent research sources.


Enjoy this first post in the category – the top mistakes the top recruiters see in resumes today!

  • Typos and/or grammatical errors
  • Overly causal tone
  • Jargon/cliches
  • Two-plus pages
  • “Snazzy” backgrounds or borders
  • Writing in the third person
  • Clip art or emojis
  • Cringeworthy quotes
  • Unprofessional e-mail addresses
  • Unprofessional fonts

Avoid these for sure!

7 thoughts on “Top Resume Mistakes!

  1. Would you classify gmail as an “unprofessional” … ?

    NOT like “”

    But more like “”

    Keep up the good work @ CBT

  2. Hi Anthony

    If you may advise on number of pages ,I have not seen a CV for Professional with only 1 or 2pages ,the depth of experience mostly stretches for at least 3 pages, I don’t think that 3 to 4 pages maximum will do much harm

      1. Anthony, What is your opinion regarding listing your skillset.

        Do you take the shotgun approach and list everything that you ever touched and build some experience in and may be passive knowledge by now.

        Or do you take the sniper approach and only list the skills that you are really good in and have work with extensively in the last couple of months/years

        1. I have always kept my resume at one page and have used the sniper approach. I also “group” stuff. For example, in the area of routers and switches with Cisco Systems, I list CCIE R&S. I see some resumes list CCENT, and CCNA R&S in addition to this. That is just silly in my opinion. Perhaps they are trying for SEO

  3. Hi Anothony Sequeira,
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