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Considering IT Certification – GO FOR IT!

Are you considering that leap to get certified because you realize the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages? Are you already heavily certified (or certifiable) and you want to add that next big one to your list? Hopefully this article gets you moving in the right direction FAST!



Sit down, take a breath, and decide to really do it. Hell – you might even schedule it. As Tony Robbins likes to say – “If you talk about it, it’s a dream, if you envision it, it’s possible, but if you schedule it, it’s real.”


You have as much (or as little) time as many others that have achieved the same task. Take a look, a hard look, at where you are spending your precious minutes throughout the day. You just might find that many of those minutes are spent on activities that do not really serve you.


Be sure you think about the costs of your certification. Sure we might be talking about actual costs here like exam prep materials, exam fees, etc, but we are also speaking of the costs in time and the potential hindrance on your personal relationships. You might even have the cost of some lost income based on setting aside more time to study instead of dedicating more time resources to generating income.


There are going to be setbacks in your IT Certification pursuit. Just how well you handle those setbacks and make them strengths just might separate you from the rest of the pack!


So decide and start now if it is for you! Don’t waste any more time in getting that momentum started.